NEW Kid's bundle for the winter!

December is the start of a new year for the Church and an excellent time for kids to learn about Advent, many holy days, and, of course – the Birthday of Jesus. In January, we will explore the Epiphany of our Lord and learn about St. John Bosco. Then, in February, your children will notice on their Liturgical Calendars that Saint Valentine's Day and Ash Wednesday fall on the same day this year, and may want to wear Ashes as a valentine card for Jesus.

There are 11 unique opportunities in all three months to learn more about Saints, Feast Days, birthdays, and more. By completing the weekly challenges, we hope to help kids grow into holy heroes of the faith. To show appreciation for their Good works of mercy we include Saint stickers with every kit! If you want to become a kid's club member, know a friend who might want to enroll, or would like another copy of prayers or a new prayer journal, you can email us at

You may also print our Advent Manger Craft from home, or enroll today by visiting our page

Have a blessed Advent and Merry Christmas by preparing your hearts for Jesus with Divine Mercy Kids!