With obvious thanks to our donors and our patron St. Joseph, all the volunteers at Catholic 540-AM Divine Mercy Radio know well that we could not have enjoyed any success during our 2022 Spring On-Air Pledge Drive (April 27-29) without the help of dozens of wonderful people.

Twice a year, we broadcast for three days to raise money for our listener supported Catholic radio station. If YOU would like to donate, please click on the red donate button at the top of our web site and complete the form (thank you!)

We believe we have captured all the names of everyone who helped during the Pledge Drive but if we mistakenly omitted anyone, please let us know and we will add to the list. We are grateful beyond words for each one of you.

Those who prayed with us...

  • 6th Graders from St. Catherine of Sienna (Bonnie Mallory)
  • Annie De Deugd
  • Sisters Abiding in Light & Truth (Annette Robbins)
  • 8th Graders from St. Michael the Archangel
  • Our Lady of Lourdes Student Choir (Brenda Accurso)
  • Cynthia Wallace
  • Ai Lin Loh
  • Jack White
  • Rosy Catholic
  • Youngsville Academy
  • Cecelia Flanary
  • The Higgins Family

Those who prayed for us (those who sat in adoration during our pledge drive)...

  • Alice Carriger
  • Fr. James Garneau
  • Tina Dawson
  • Ellen White
  • Rachel Bass
  • Susie Farrell
  • Mary AnnVerderber
  • Ellen Beley
  • Rose Ann McGinn
  • Mary Paula Zaytoun
  • Rachel Bass
  • Joe Rothengast
  • Carol Sanchez

Volunteers who helped at the radio station...

  • AnnMarie Fontana
  • Lisa Dunham
  • Pat Moell
  • Ellen Beley
  • Bev Pajerski
  • Joan Mistrot
  • Theresa Smith
  • Marge Renck
  • Dale Dawson
  • Theresa Smith

Our on-air guests...

  • Canon Ross Bourgeois
  • David Crabtree
  • Fr. Daniel Oschwald
  • Fr. Lourduraj Alapaty
  • Charles Dougherty
  • Tim Staples
  • Fulton Breen
  • Ron Agnelli
  • David & Connie Maier
  • Cy Kellet
  • Msgr. Jeffrey Ingham
  • Robert Luddy
  • Andrew Reynolds
  • Frank Graff
  • Fr. Peter Grace
  • Kerry Urdzik
  • Joan Rose Brown
  • Mary Ann Madonna
  • Winnie Heusen
  • Fr. Joshua West
  • Alexander Kelly

Our on-air co-hosts...

  • Patrick Yanke
  • Brittany Makely
  • Patti Shanley
  • Ellen White
  • Patricia Guin