As eastern and central North Carolina’s 100% listener supported Catholic radio station, it is very humbling for all our volunteers to get together twice a year and ask listeners for donations during our live on-air pledge drives.

But our listeners again have answered the call and, with their donations, have ensured Catholic 540-AM Divine Mercy Radio will remain on the air to broadcast “The Word of God Through The Power of Radio”.

As grateful as we are to our donors, we are equally humbled by our guests who came on the air to ask for pledges as well as our volunteers who manned the phones to take donations. We would like to take a moment to recognize our guests and volunteers here.

Fr. Bill John Acosta
John Allen
Ellen Beley
Jackie Bonk
Deacon Capps
Dale Dawson
Fr. Peter Devereux
John Dornan
Tami Fitzgerald
Cecelia Flanary
Keith Flanary
Ryan Flood
Patricia Guin
Sharon Hahn
Larry Henson
Mandy Howard

Larry Henson
Mandy Howard
Bruce Huffine
Andrew Jones
Deacon Josh Klickman
Isabelle Klotz
Peter Le
Msgr. Gerald Lewis
Josh Lonnecker
Bob Luddy
Dick Lyles
Brittany Makely
Ryan Mergen
Dr. Patrick O'Connell
Peter K. O’Connell

Eric & Luci Pasarin & family
Arthur Powers
Edward Pentin
Dr. William Pincus
Fr. Noe Ramirez
Betty Rogosich
Rosalini's Pizza
Elizabeth Sisk
Tamah Sminkey
Fr. Archie Tacay
Mary Kate Travers
Deacon Mike Vandiver
Fr. Joshua West
Ellen White
David Williams