Monica's son Augustine refused to accept baptism and lived a passionate life with his mistress. For years Monica prayed, fasted, and cried silently for Augustine.

God heard and answered these prayers of this faithful mother. Augustine, abandoning his sinful ways, accepted baptism from St. Ambrose of Milan, on Easter Sunday, 387 AD.

St. Monica died secure in the knowledge that her son had heard God’s call and her work on earth was finished.

St. Monica is the patron saint of lapsed Catholics. Her feast is celebrated on August 27.

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August 26, 2021
St. Monica Novena 9
Today we pray for those who are ready to come home and just need to be invited. May the Holy Spirit open our hearts and eyes to them that we may be the inviting and welcoming presence they seek. (Pray Novena Prayers)
August 25, 2021
St. Monica Novena 8
Today we pray for those who feel abandoned by God. May they come to see God working in their lives, restore their faith in Him, and come home to His church. (Pray Novena Prayers)
August 24, 2021
St. Monica Novena 7
Today we pray for those who are resisting Your call due to pressures from friends and family members. May the Holy Spirit give them strength in their convictions and may the Holy Spirit fill the hearts of their friends and family with love and support. (Pray Novena Prayers)
August 23, 2021
St. Monica Novena 6
Today we pray for all those who believe in their hearts but are fearful of judgment or institutions. May they find the support and joy of belonging to our Church community. (Pray Novena Prayers)
August 22, 2021
St. Monica Novena 5
Today we pray for those whose sins make them feel unworthy to come to God. May they feel the warm embrace of Our Father’s loving forgiveness. (Pray Novena Prayers)
August 21, 2021
St. Monica Novena 4
Today we pray for those who take issue with the Church’s teachings. May the Holy Spirit open their hearts and minds to the truth and wisdom of those teachings. (Pray Novena Prayers)
August 20, 2021
St. Monica Novena 3
Today we pray for those who have been hurt by someone in the Church. May those of us in the Church today be a source of healing. (Pray Novena Prayers)
August 19, 2021
St. Monica Novena 2
Today we pray for those who were baptized Catholic, but were not blessed with families to guide them to spiritual maturity. May the Holy Spirit guide them back to our Catholic family. (Pray Novena Prayers)
August 18, 2021
St. Monica Novena 1
Today we pray for all God’s people currently absent from our Home. May the Holy Spirit open their ears and hearts so they may hear this invitation to come home. (Pray Novena Prayers)